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Strip2nite helps you hire Atlanta Strippers and professional Exotic Dancers in the Atlanta Georgia area. Whether it's for a private one on one session or a private party, you'll easily find an Exotic Dancer in Atlanta and throughout Georgia that is right for you. Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Private Parties all welcome.
Central Atlanta Georgia Strip Clubs
Clermont Lounge
The one and only Clermont Lounge. One of the oldest establishments in Atlanta Georgia.
Dancer's Elite
Dancer's Elite features an illustrious array of ethnic images to have and to hold til security due you part.
Doll House
You guessed it Ken...If you like Barbie...surely you'll like Dollhouse Atlanta.
Kamal's 21
We did go to this strip club when it was Platinum 21 and honestly...we have NEVER been back...take that how you want it!!!
Magic City
This is Magic City...ENOUGH SAID!!!
If you don't know...it's because we ain't tattletales.
XTC Girls
We've never been here but it seems that XTC has ALWAYS been there.
Pinups Atlanta
The original home of the 5 dollar table dance...This was once one of our FAVORITE Atlanta Strip clubs.
Stroker's Club Atlanta
OKAY...YES...Stroker's is one of our favorite clubs hands down...We've been going for 10 years and counting...
North Atlanta Strip Clubs
Coronet Club
We haven't been to this one...but that doesn't mean you shouldn't go.
Mardi Gras
Yep...YOU WILL have FUN in this CLUB...YES SIR YOU WILL!!!
Main Stage
We have NOT been to this club either.
Nope...we haven't been to this club either.
Shooter Alley Atlanta
Nope...we haven't been to this club yet.
West Atlanta Strip Clubs
Blue Flame Lounge Atlanta
THERE's really only one reason we go to West Atlanta...FOR THE FIRE of the Flame and Krispy Kreme Donuts on the way back home!!!
South Atlanta Strip Clubs
Foxy Lady Lounge
This is one of the Strip Clubs Atlanta was built on.
Pleasers Atlanta
We haven't been to this one...email us and let us know what your experience has been.
Queen City Atlanta
We've never even seen this place...but we figured we'd show them some love just the same.
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Exotic Dancers in Atlanta
This is where the private exotic dancers roam.

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